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Flower vending machine florist Hoog Catharijne Utrecht

Florist Hoog Catharijne

Flower vending machine florist Hoog Catharijne Utrecht

The Daily Flowers machine in Hoog Catharijne Utrecht is open every day from 06:00 to 23:00. Did you know that you can not only get bouquets of flowers in the machine? We have a varied assortment, something for everyone. What can you find in the Daily Flowers vending machine?

Large bouquets of flowers can be found in the bottom row of the machine. These range from €20.95 to €27.95. The bouquets come in a handy gift bag. The gift bag is filled with water. This way you can be sure that you can enjoy the bouquet for a long time and that you can easily take it with you if you still have to travel.

Small bouquets of flowers In addition to the large bouquets of flowers, you will also find smaller bouquets of flowers. Did you know that these usually contain just as many or more flowers as the large slots? The bouquets are very handy to take with you and, just like the large bouquets of flowers, come in a handy gift bag, again with water.

Large bouquets of red roses In the bottom row you will always find two beautiful bouquets of red roses. These red roses come directly from one of the world’s best Dutch rose growers. With the right care, you can enjoy this beautiful bouquet for at least ten days!

Small bouquets of red roses do you think the size bouquets are too big? We also have the perfect solution for roses. There is a shorter rose bouquet in the same handy gift bag as all other bouquets.

Vases with flowers are the perfect gift! Unique vases with a few flowers in them or real made-up vases. Do you want to give something other than a bouquet of flowers? Then this is a perfect choice. Beautiful vases that you or the person you give them to will enjoy for a long time.

Longlife roses can also be found in the machine. These long-life roses have been treated specially and therefore remain good for 1-3 years. We have put the roses in a beautiful hat box for you. perfect to give as a gift!

Loose vases with a luxurious look. Beautiful vases can be found in the machine. Perfect for size bouquets! All vases are a real eye-catcher in the house, even without flowers.

Do you want to know how we ensure that all flowers in the Daily Flowers vending machine remain good? Then read our next article!

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